Real estate law

Real estate purchase

The acquisition of real estate involves a lot of money for both buyer and seller. Many buyers borrow substantial sums of money to finance the purchase of their own four walls. Buying a property is not an everyday transaction and the legal aspects are very different from those of an ordinary purchase contract. Owing to a lack of legal knowledge, buyers and sellers often do not recognise their respective security needs. The legislator has therefore prescribed the engagement of a notary public for property purchases. We guide the seller and buyer through the contract and its completion and provide advice on the legal issues in connection with the creation of the land charges. We know established contractual clauses, constantly adapt them to new laws and court decisions, take the individual needs of the parties involved into account and consider the circumstances of the specific individual case. We help you make decisions and avoid expensive legal disputes.

Often houses or flats are sold that are not yet completed or which are to be renovated by the seller. The seller is referred to here as the property developer.

The property development contract is much more complex than the usual property purchase contract, which has caused the legislator to enact corresponding consumer protection laws, in particular the German Makler- und Bauträgerverordnung (estate agents and property developers ordinance). As notaries, when formulating the contract, we pay strict attention to compliance with the legal requirements.

Property development contracts

Professional investors

As professional investors, you often use more complex models to invest in real estate. We are happy to advise you in this regard and work with you to develop a concept that meets your individual needs. Our knowledge and our experience in special areas of the real estate business and our organisational integration into the relevant structures for property transactions serve to support you in this context.

We are on hand to advise you on property gifts, for instance in connection with anticipated succession. The primary concern here is to safeguard the giver, for example by agreeing usufructuary and residential rights as well as rights of withdrawal. The assessment of the tax implications and, if necessary, asset protection against access by creditors and social welfare agencies are also always of central importance. We also provide support in specific matters of asset succession, such as the establishment of a family pool.