Inheritance law

Wills and contracts of inheritance

Who should inherit from me? Who gets my house, who gets my money, my jewellery? Who should tend to my grave? Or does it make sense to give property away now? We can help you with these frequently asked questions.

Our advice not only focuses on the tax aspects, but above all on family aspects, such as the provision for dependents or the avoidance of disputes between heirs. Arranging inheritance is not a question of age. Young people or families should also make provisions for an accident so as to avoid the statutory succession, which is usually unsuitable.

Running a business means responsibility. Even a young entrepreneur has to make preparations so that the company remains capable of acting in the event of his or her death or serious illness. Children should be given the opportunity to continue their parents’ life’s work. Misfortune should not be allowed to turn into a fiasco for the company and the family. We can help with wills, corporate law arrangements and general powers of attorney and health care proxies that are tailored to the individual needs of the entrepreneur.

Transferring the company to the next generation needs to be planned well in advance in order to make the best possible use of all available options. If, for example, the company passes to a community of heirs consisting of a spouse and children, disagreement between the heirs about the continuation of the business can block the commercial capacity to act. There is the risk of claims for settlement and compensation by individual heirs. If, in the absence of a succession arrangement during the lifetime of the deceased, the company becomes part of the estate, claims to a compulsory share by descendants who have been passed over or persons who have been disinherited may come into consideration. Legal and economic harm can only be avoided by taking appropriate precautionary measures.

Company succession

Certificate of inheritance

If no will has been made, or only a private will, a certificate of inheritance is often required and has to be applied for. As notaries, we register the respective applications for a certificate of inheritance for you.